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Our Process

Building a custom home requires complex decisions and careful planning. We simplify the process into distinct steps. Our proven plan guides and assists you efficiently in every stage resulting in a home that provides an enhanced lifestyle matched to your individual specifications.

Initial Consultation

All engagements start with meeting us to determine if McKinley Masters Custom Homes is the right builder for your custom home. Building a custom home is a significant life experience and finding the perfect custom home builder who you trust and who you are comfortable with is critical. While every project begins with an in depth client consultation, we will always be with you every step of the way through your custom home build.

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Your Vision

Our team approach is personal; together as partners we explore your desires and develop ideas that converge with your lifestyle and objectives. McKinley Masters Custom Homes offers an informal working atmosphere where you can be comfortable and confident while your dreams become a reality. We will always offer advice to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money while also having the highest quality home as possible.

Design Towards Reality

Working collaboratively alongside our professional in house design team your vision is shaped into an initial set of plans. These drawings show you how your new custom city or acreage home exterior may look and are vital in exploring interior space features. We do these initial plans as a set fee, so whether you meet with us 5 times or 15 times, you will never feel pressured to make a decision.

Defining Features & Objectives

Here is where our process guides you effectually though budgeting and construction timelines. You will have an opportunity to fine tune details and establish important milestones. Detailed information is provided, allowing you to proceed confidently with the start of construction of your custom home. This information is then available at your fingertips through an interactive project management software throughout the project and forever afterword's.

From Plan to Construction

McKinley Masters Custom Homes works meticulously with skilled craftsmen to make your custom home an enviable statement of quality. Throughout construction we provide constant communication and feedback, allowing you sufficient time to make selections and ample opportunities to refine your plan and make changes as required.

A Celebration of Satisfaction

As you take possession of your McKinley Masters Custom home you become part of an exclusive group of homeowners who appreciate value and quality as key elements in their lifestyle. We are committed to building lasting relationships, providing long term support and helping you maintain your homes value for maximum enjoyment.

Opening the door to your McKinley Masters custom home is one of life's genuine pleasures.

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